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About Us

Doug Hopkins - Building Official/Inspector/Plan Reviewer/Owner

Doug Hopkins has been in the building trade since 1980. He started off primarily doing residential remodels and additions with the occasional new house and small commercial remodel. In 1993, he came to IMS for building inspections and was also the office manager for 4 years. In 1998, the previous owner retired and Doug, along with his wife, purchased the business.


Katie McHugh- Office Assistant

Katie joined IMS in April 2015. She previously worked as the manager of a bakery outlet for 5 years. She graduated from GRCC with her associates in business administration.



Casey Kalee - Electrical Inspector/Plan Reviewer

Casey Kalee started off as an electrician in 1965 doing mostly commercial industrial jobs around southwest Michigan. He has been a registered inspector since 1977. Casey joined IMS full time in 2003.


Ted Shepardson - Mechanical/Plumbing Inspector/Plan Reviewer

Ted Shepardson started in the mechanical and plumbing trades in 1970 when he started working with his father doing mostly residential jobs and some small commercial jobs. He became an inspector in 1992. In July of 2010, Ted joined IMS as a part-time Mechanical and Plumbing Inspector. In November of 2010, Ted became a full-time inspector with IMS.